4 gears to step up your video production game

4 gears to step up your video production game

Video content has been all the rage these days. Being one of the fastest-growing industries in recent years, it’s come to no surprise. With gears and equipment becoming more accessible price-wise, like the Angelbird 3 DhHD Gear, it’s sure to take off even more. If you are a budding video creator who wants to raise production value or a veteran who wants to try out something new, here are gears you might want to get.

Angelbird 3 DhHD Gear

Portable storage and SSD

As cameras improved over time, so does the amount of data they capture. And you, as the creator, need a place to store all of these. This is why your data storage solution is as important as the camera equipment that you have.

Enter the SSDs. SSDs or solid-state drives are tiny data storage devices just like regular hard drives. Their compact design and speed make them the ideal storage option for video creators on the go. These drives, like the Angelbird 3 DhHD Gear supplies, are specifically designed to store video data without any dropped frames.

They also have tremendous data transfer speeds which makes backing up and retrieving footage a breeze. This coupled with their solid and compact designs makes them one of the best storage solutions ever made.

HD camera mounted monitors

These bad boys are a lifesaver for most content creators. Sometimes, the built-in LCD display on most cameras can be too small for some. This makes blocking and lining up the shot difficult to nail. They sometimes perform poorly under bright light such as outdoors which makes matters worse.

This is where camera-mounted video monitors come in handy. They come in various shapes and sizes depending on what features baked-in. Monitors like those from IndiPro tools, which you can find here: https://3dhdgear.com/collections/indipro-tools, are great solutions if you are just starting out trying to get your feet wet.

Video switchers

These streaming staples are a must-have if you want to dip your hands into streaming. These devices allow you to control a multiple-camera setup with ease. They let you easily and quickly switch feeds, put overlays and some can even let you use green screen or chroma. These are perfect for streamers who want to amp up their production value and produce high-quality content.

Some switchers, like the ones you can find here: https://3dhdgear.com/collections/lumantek, can even let you change output video resolution on the fly regardless of the input’s resolution. Pro tip: you don’t need to get the most expensive rig there is especially when starting out. Find one that has the essential features that you need for the price you can afford and build from there. This way you get to try a new setup without breaking the bank.

HD POV cameras

If you are into action or sports videography, investing in a great HD POV camera is a great way to elevate production value. These small but amazing beasts take magnificent high definition footage all in a tiny package. They are robust and fairly easy to set up which makes them ideal for fast-paced cinematography. You can check them out in this link: https://3dhdgear.com/collections/aida.

Get amazing deals on all your video and audio needs

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