Establish your own RTO easily

A registered training organization provides vocational education and skill development programs to students so that they get qualifications which are recognized by industries and educational institutions and help them to get recruited by such institutions. However, setting up a new RTO is a very complicated process involving a lot of procedures and compliance to strict standards. The RTO consultants Sydney has make this process smooth and easy by managing the whole process competently and professionally.

The process of setting up an RTO

Australia has almost 5000 RTOs that provide training in multiple fields. They give technical training, professional education as well as pre-employment and basic skills programs. These RTOs can be under private or public ownership. All the RTOs in Australia and the qualifications that they offer are registered with the government.

To register an RTO, the first step is to apply to the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA). The organisation must comply with all the components under the Vocational Education and Training (VET) quality framework. The organisation has to agree to be regularly monitored by the ASQA and has to pay the registration fees. The Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) includes the national policy for the Australian education system. It provides the basic framework for every level of education and determines the qualification type for each level so that the standards are met by every registered RTO and the quality of training provided is consistent. Once the registration is complete, audits are conducted at the time of registration and after twelve months to monitor compliance. Audits are also conducted during the renewal of registration or changing the scope of registration. The organisation is given the green signal only after the audit which determines whether the RTO meets the standards for Registered Training organizations, the financial viability risk assessment requirements, data provision requirements and the standards set by the AQF.

RTO consultancy services

The RTO consultants Sydney has help to set up new RTOs and give advice for the improvement of standards in existing RTOs. The RTO consultants Sydney has help the organization at every step by providing guidance in preparing business plans, making models, developing courses, project planning and management, RTO registration, complying with RTO policies and procedures, recruitment of qualified staff for the RTO for imparting knowledge to the students, arranging labour services, human resource management, marketing and industry advice and conducting internal audits to prepare for the official audit by rectifying non-compliance in different areas. These consultancy firms do all the work for you and save almost fifty percent of recruitment costs. They help you to maintain strong compliance with the RTO standards, assist your organization in staying competitive in the training industry and make your organization improve its services.

How to find RTO consultants in Sydney

There are many RTO consultants in Sydney who can be hired by visiting websites like The Sydney RTO consultants provide third party validation to the RTO’s compliance levels by giving individual units of competency to each component of the RTO and help in presenting a professional image during the official audit. They also conduct workshops for the RTO administration and training staff.

The RTOs provide corporate, professional and community programs for the training of students to enhance competitiveness and productivity of the students so that they can contribute to the success of the industry which they are going to join. However, the RTO consultants help the organization to provide such quality training consistently. Therefore, choose the best RTO consultants Sydney offers to assist you in all your requirements in setting up and maintaining your own RTO.