4 Things That May Bulge Your Funeral Plan Budget

Those who may have been involved in planning funeral ceremonies may easily confess that it’s not a simple task as many presume it to be. Actually, it’s a difficult process that requires skills, experience and confidence. Although the decisions and options make the funeral planning process difficult, the costs make the emotional moment overwhelming. The most effective way to make the planning process simpler is incorporating experienced Perth funeral directors right from the first planning step. The planners help you identify some of the costs you may not necessarily need to incur. Some things such as those below can unexpectedly contribute to higher bills and stress, but they are easy to modify.


Some funeral homes charge extra money whenever families visit them before the burial ceremony. In fact, even calling after the set working hours may also attract some charges. This means calling many times at such hours would eventually escalate your bills unknowingly. One should visit different Perth funeral directors and find out if they charge extra money for the services offered on weekends or not. Take time to understand price variance in terms of hours of facility usage, times and days if you want to minimize funeral cost.

Fancy casket

Although giving the deceased a praiseworthy sendoff is what everyone wishes to do, it does not mean one should drain their savings on it. Well, buying a casket is usually not a “hidden” cost. However, most people don’t know that some funeral homes will never display lower priced caskets in the showroom. They in most cases display the expensive models to entice those who are ready to spend more in a “classy” sendoff. What you might not have known is that some funeral organizers are good in helping their customers make the funeral ceremony affordable depending on their budget.

Atmosphere and accessories

If you are working on a lean budget, it’s good to do away with everything that is a nice-to-have package and stick only to what is a must-have item. For instance, you may not need to spend much money on acknowledgment cards, memorial cards, as well as religious accessories such as expensive crosses and candles. If you are not working on a bloated budget, ask the directors whether you can do away with decorations, music and flowers offered at a funeral home. Some directors advise people to get some of the accessories they find expensive from cheaper sources to cut on cost.

Excess paperwork

Obituaries and programs are vital in any funeral ceremony. However, one doesn’t need to print excess paperwork if the printing cost is high. The cost of including a written commemoration or picture in death notices such as the newspapers may depend on the lines and words used. If you find this overwhelming, ask the directors to give you a suitable or pocket-friendly alternative. Most of them are kind to offer free advice on how you could create unique and well-designed programs without incurring hefty printing charges.

Expensive funeral ceremonies are not always the most meaningful ones. One could still creatively plan a cheap funeral ceremony that would linger in the mind of many people for a decade. It all begins by finding friendly Perth funeral directors and making them know what you are willing to spend in the entire funeral ceremony.